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The good members of Budweiser Boxing forum submitted their picks for the Worlds Top 5 Welterweights. The voting was organised by member edsel77x.

Each week a new division will be chosen and the mebers will submit their Top 5. If you are not a member of the forum please feel free to join and post your picks in the topic.

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Here are the votes as submitted by the members.


1. Manny Pac — living legend, icon
2. Floyd May — sad waste of talent, may never see “The fight”
3. Cotto — He moved up in weight but still a welter to me
4. Mosley — Great run Mosley, time to hang em up
5. Berto — would like to see step up his comp



1. floyd mayweather jr. (former lineal champ, beat #1 guy in mosley who was really the first top welterweight hes fought)
2. manny pacquiao (moving up to 154 but still ranked here until the fight on 11/13)
……………..(big gap)
3. andre berto (quintana and collazo victories have to count)
……………..(smaller gap)
4. jan zaveck
5. selcuk aydin

Maybe clottey should be somewhere in there but honestly im too embarrassed to rank him and hes moving up anyways. bradley could maybe be ranked but beating abregu doesnt really get you in the top 5 and hes going back to 140 anyways. floyd and manny are about even, gave it to floyd because shane was #1 when floyd beat him and he had a lineal claim before he retired. pacquaio beat cotto who beat clottey who were both beat by margarito who pacquiao is about to beat at 154.

Just realized how weak the welterweight division has become with mosley and cotto moving up, judah moving down, plus inactive collazo. welterweight is still the star division of the sport though.

FYI, pacquiao fought de la hoya and clottey at 147 while he fought cotto at 145 which is still a welterweight fight even if its a catchweight.



1.) Floyd Mayweather
2.) Manny Pacquiao
3.) Andre Berto
4.) Joshua Clottey
5.) Jan Zaveck

Although Manny has never actually fought at 147, he’s somehow managed to officially rank himself as a welterweight, and as every recognized organisation, boxing site and pro has him down as a welter, it’s only fair we include him as a welter.



1. Pacquiao
2. Mayweather
3. Berto
4. Zaveck
5. Brook



5.jo jo dan (who was robbed against aydin imo)

Brook needs to step up, aydin needs a solid performance, jones looks promising but too young.

i’d like to see matthew hatton v kell brook tbh



1.Floyd Mayweather
2. Manny Pacquaio
3. Andre Berto
4. Jan Zavek
5. Mike Jones (simply because he shows a lot of promise and I refuse to list Clottey lol).

Man, what used to be such a strong division really bottomed out quickly with the defections, didn’t it?



1. Pacquiao
2. Mayweather
3. Berto
4. Zaveck
5. Aydin



1. Manny Pacquiao (P4P #1, unsurpassed opponent list in recent years)
2. Floyd Mayweather Jr (P4P #2, undefeated and sublimely talented)
3. Andre Berto (Not great imo, but the pick of a now otherwise uneventful bunch)
4. Viacheslav Senchenko (Still not progressed to the very top and doesn’t have long left, but probably has the beating of most other guys below him)
5. Kell Brook (No significant world level wins, and has actually disappointed in his last couple of outings, but has tended to look like he belongs at the very top, or at least did a few months back).

This actually points out for me how weak 147lbs has become, in comparison to even last year.
The talent simply isn’t there any more.

**(Cue Khan moving up after Floyd and Manny leave the division 😉

Thank you to all who voted.

Next up the Lightweights.

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