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Abraham vs Froch preview

The Super Six Super Middleweight tournament continues on Saturday when Carl Froch faces Arthur Abraham in Helsinki, Finland.

Froch is coming off a defeat in his last Super Six bout against Danish Mikkel Kessler, in which the England fighter lost his WBC title by a unanimous decision, while Abraham, originating from Armenia, is also coming off a loss, suffering a disqualification to Andre Dirrell in their own Super Six bout in March.

Froch insists that speed and movement are the keys to him securing a victory over Abraham, stating that he can “match anyone for speed”.

Abraham predicts that Froch will be looking to find excuses if he is beaten by the Armenian on Saturday, and said that he has not taken the defeat to Kessler well.

Whatever happens on Saturday, this bout, along with Michael Katsidis vs Juan Manuel Marquez taking place on the same night, has the potential to become a candidate for Fight of the Year.

Given that Carl Froch’s work rate is something to be desired, and Abraham tends to start slowly in his bouts, I expect their fight to pick up the pace somewhere after the fourth.

I also believe it will be Abraham who will be pressing the action, making Froch fight when he has to, just like how Kessler did, and that this could ultimately be the Brit’s downfall!

It is common knowledge that Carl has knockout power at any point of the fight and this will be a danger for Abraham throughout the bout.

But ‘King Arthur’ has more in his arsenal in terms of defense and attack.

Froch has a tendency to not block punches, and prefers to trade with his opponents, taking theirĀ  punches on the chin, but the ever popular Ricky Hatton proved that this could be a career fatality!

Abraham can move out of the way of punches and has good reflexes.

Only faster, slicker opponents, such as Andre Dirrell could cause major problems for Abraham’s style.

This is precisely the bout that the Super Six tournament needs after the pull out of Mikkel Kessler, Dirrell and the abysmal displays of Allan Green!
More importantly, it is this fight that the sport of boxing needs, only, unfortunately, it is available on Pay Per View and not to a wider audience.

Abraham vs Froch may be a fight for the hardcore, but what a treat we will be in for!