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When boxing fans talk about the great fighters from the United Kingdom,the name of Owen Moran is rarely mentioned.Moran was born on the the 4th October 1884 in Birmingham, once a hotbed of the fight game in the early 1900’s.Moran turned out to be the best fighter ever to come from the city,proving it time and time again in the squared circle of fistiana.

Moran was a tough two fisted fighter,who battled all the way to World honors beating the best from around the globe.He started his pro ring career at flyweight on the 1st January 1900 at the tender age of 16 years old.His first opponent Bill Lovesey was knocked out in the 2nd round,so Moran got his career started with a very quick win.He quickly chalked up win number two against Ernie Goodwin on point over 8 rounds four weeks later.Then in his third fight four months later took on future World Champion Digger Stanley losing on points over 20 rounds.He won his next six bouts before losing on points over 10 rounds to Fred Herring at the National Sporting club in London.Over the next 9 months Moran chalked up nine victories,then was offered a rematch with Digger Stanley at the National sporting club.But Moran fell short once again losing to Stanley on points over 15 rounds.

Next up Moran fought a draw with Young Joseph,then beat Andrew Tokell on points over 12 rounds.In his very next bout he moved up in weight to bantam and fought Joe Bowker for the British Title,but failed to gain a victory losing on points over 20 rounds.He then had a couple of wins but then got thrown out against Boyo Driscoll on a disqualification in the 10th round.But after this fight Moran started to hit his top form not losing another fight in the next 5 years.In the rest of 1904 he defeated Darkey Harkey,Ted Moore,George Dixon known as Little Chocolate former World champion and Harry Ware to round the year off.

The start of 1905 he got his revenge over Digger Stanley Beating him over 20 rounds,the fight was billed as for the World Title.Moran then had three quick winning fights in Scotland,then traveled across the pond to the USA beating to tough fighters in Monte Attell and Daniel Dougherty. The winning streak continued apart from two no contest involving Ike Bradley and the immortal Jim Driscoll. Driscoll and Moran really detested each other,and there paths would cross again in the future.By now Moran was looking towards the USA for bigger purse’s and fighting the best the USA could offer.

At the end of 1907 he set sail for the USA,and he look forward to new fields to conquer and make his fortune.The USA fans took to Moran right away with his two fisted attacking style,and he racked up win after win against the very best in the World.The list of greats he defeated was a who’s who of boxing great’s.Frankie Neil,Harlem Tommy Murphy,Ad Wolgast,Pal Moore,and knocking out The Durable Dane Battling Nelson.

At the start of 1911 father time and so many tough fights started to take there toil,and he started to lose to fighters he had beaten prior.Leaving the USA he was offered a British Title fight with Jim Driscoll at Featherweight with the Euro and Empire Title thrown in as well.This was the last great fight Moran would be involved in,and Driscoll and Moran fought a draw over 20 rounds.After this Moran had 7 more fights but losing five of them,Moran decided it was time to retire from the ring.

He left a career record of 52 wins, lost 16 , no decision fights 15 wins,  lost 3 , drew 2,  total bouts 96

Sadly Owen Moran passed away in 1949 at the age of 64,but left his mark on the fight game as one of the great’s.

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