Prospect Watch: Kenneth Sims Jr

Jeremiah Preisser

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A three-time Ringside champion, a Silver Gloves champion, a bronze medalist at the Junior Olympics and a World Championship participant with over 200 amateur fights. It can be said, without hesitation, that the 23-year-old has been around the block, and most of the time he has been the boss. Maybe that’s how he earned his nickname, and that’s probably how he will maintain it in the paid ranks.

So far he isn’t doing half bad, bringing his record to a tally of 12-0 with 4 knockouts. While the list of opponents on his resume isn’t particularly eye-opening, the names of men he has sparred with is. Manny Pacquiao, Terence Crawford and Jorge Linares are on the short list; Andre Berto, Carlos Molina and others makeup the long one. The experience with those men, he said, gave him a “boost in confidence”.

Of course “Bossman” wouldn’t be asked to attend camps with an array of distinguished pugilists if his ability wasn’t up to par. Anyone who has seen the little footage that exists of him in a prize ring knows it certainly is. He’s as quick as a whip with his shots, nimble on his toes, goes up and downstairs, and works behind the jab—the shot he appreciates most. In The Ring’s long-running “New Faces” series, he summarized this, stating his ‘jab, his mind and his footwork’ were his greatest strengths.

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Gary Shaw, who Sims has worked with since his debut, thinks “Kenneth Sims Jr. is a special talent with an amateur pedigree to take his professional career to championship level.”

Sims is traveling a road fraught with pitfalls, but Shaw knows his boxing. He’ll bring Sims along in smooth fashion, in the proper incremental steps so as he’s not stepping too far forward or too far back. But eventually, like most fighters with aspirations of climbing the summit and peering down at challengers itching to get a crack at their shot, the “Bossman” will have his feet put to the fire. Will he overcome and find himself King of the Mountain?

As the abused adage goes, only time will tell. He has made twenty-three trips around the sun, so right now, time is often generous. He has years to work himself into peak condition until he reaches his physical prime.

Get ready for the climb young man.

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