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Tank Davis needs to knock out Vasiliy Lomachenko to win, according to leading pundit

Gervonta 'Tank' Davis

Boxing commentator Tim Bradley is adamant that the only way to victory for Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis 30-0 (28) over Vasiliy Lomachenko 18-3 (12) is by knockout.

WBA lightweight champion Davis, 29, of Baltimore, Maryland produced a highlight-reel eighth-round knockout of fellow southpaw Frank ‘The Ghost’ Martin 18-1 (12) in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 15.

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Ukrainian lefthander Lomachenko travelled to Perth, Australia to knockout George Kambosos Jr in the 11th round of a one-sided contest to win the vacant IBF lightweight title one month earlier on May 12.

There has been pressure on Davis to face Lomachenko in a unification bout to really test out his abundant talent. The squat and powerful Davis typically has a low punch output, relying on his timing and counterpunching technique to put his opponents’ lights out.

Lomechenko is a much more traditional boxer from the European mold. Busy and thoughtful, he has world-class footwork that he uses to set up blows that his opponents often don’t see coming.

But at seven years older than Davis and with and extensive amateur record of 396-1 to go with his 21 pro bouts, the question is whether Lomachenko still has what it takes to compete at the elite level.

Retired former world champion turned pundit Bradley says yes, absolutely he does.

“I don’t think Loma is over the hill,” Bradley said to Fight Hub TV. “Tank is going to have to knock him out. He’s going to have to knock him out because Loma can get ahead on the scorecards.

“It would be funny to see the game plan of Tank and what he would do. If Tank is coming forward, firing combinations, coming in behind that jab, he can control Loma.

“But if he sits back and tries to use that high guard and nothing in between, Loma is going to be able to push him back.

“Loma is not running. He’s going to stay in the vicinity. He’s going to stay in close proximity. He’s going to be outside the reach. Outside, getting in, outside the reach, and he’s going to play with the distance.

“I just think Loma brings something Tank never seen before. Loma will be the hardest fighter Tank has ever fought. Mentally skillful, experienced, even with the age.

“Every legendary fighter has one more good fight in them. They’re just waiting for the opportunity to show it.

“I think Tank is the right guy for him [to show it]. Loma knows he’s got to go down to the ocean. Loma, you’re going to have to go down to the bottom of the ocean. The deepest part of the ocean [to beat Tank].

“Come back up and do it again if you’re going to beat, Tank because Tank is younger and stronger.”