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Hall of Fame Spotlight: Prince Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem Hamed will be inducted in the International Boxing Hall of Fame this weekend in Canastota, New York.  Looking at the numbers, Naseem selection is a no brainier; a record of 36-1 with 31 Kos and 15 title defenses of the WBO Featherweight Crown. Hamed was also one big fat piece of entertainment inside and outside of the ring.

The Prince Belongs in the Hall

I think at one stage he was the most exciting fighter that I’d ever been involved with. At one stage, in the early part of his career, he could have gone on to become one of the great fighters. But that disappeared when he didn’t fight as regularly as he should have done, when he was cutting corners on his training. It just didn’t work out for him from that point on.” – Frank Warren]

“I had hand trouble and could not take the power of my punch,” Hamed said. “I needed cortisone injections to take away the pain when I fought, then after every fight the gloves would be whipped off and my hands would be as big as balloons.” – Prince Naseem Hamed

Why Journeymen fighters are boxing’s blood line

While the casual boxing fan will quite often express their interest only in the main event of a show card, the so called “journeyman” will always have the support of some of the biggest names in the sport, most notably the promoters of a show. So many forget how important, perhaps even necessary, these fighters are to boxing, especially when comes the time a scheduled opponent pulls out of a fight at short notice. Quite often, a promoter will call upon a journeyman fighter at short notice to fill in an opponent’s place, saving an undercard or, although more rarely, a main attraction. It is unfortunate that these guys receive so little respect for what they do as it is often said that they are boxing’s life line. Without them, the value of a night’s worth of fights is decreased. Another much less talked about aspect is that journeymen often give a rising star fighter the necessary experience he needs. While journeymen fighters do not often hear the MC shout their names in victory or have their hand held high to a raucous crowd, they collect a wealth of experience, something that is often passed on to opponents of a superior calibre.


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